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What do you need to do to cage crabs in the gulf of mexico?

I know I need to buy a crab cage, what type of cage is the best? What do I do to mark it? Do I need a lisence? What are the best way to attract the crabs (Bait). How do I make sure no-one steals my cage? I would have to swim out and drop it off a beach how deep of water should I put it in? Anything else I should know? Thanks for all the help, Fl-Fishermen12354. List any websites that you could. No you dont need a trap the easiest way is to tie a piece of chicken or fish to a string, lower it in the water , let set for 10 or 15 minutes , and GENTLY pull to the surface . The crabs will be biting the bait and you can often lift them in. If you dont catch one in 30 minutes try another More...
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